Work Process

Larixoft provides wide range of web development and promotion services based on the values of Quality and Excellence.

One of our primary aims is improving of a website conversion rate and online sales. Our professionals are able to implement your ideas as well as offer advice.

We understand that our success is always tied with the success of the client, so are dedicated to our work today to make our clients’ business grow tomorrow.



Cooperation with the client starts with the introduction meeting: we perform the overview of company’s values, services, experience and discuss client's business goals for understanding all the requirements.


After introduction, we offer to fill in the Website Development Brief, which allows us to:

  • Structure the information about your particular business
  • Determine the aims of your website and its target audience
  • Define the list of high level features and website structure
  • Understand your design preferences
  • Estimate the amount of graphic and textual content which needs to be created / optimized

You can be sure that we'll suggest the most appropriate solution for you to get the well designed website with high conversion efficiency and the functionality you expect.


Now we’re ready to craft a design concept and select promotion strategy. Usually, the concept becomes ready after several iterations of review by the client.


When all agreements are achieved and all amendments made, we give a detailed estimate of time and cost of your project. Why on this stage? Because only now do we understand all the requirements and aims of the future site, know the amount of pages, volume of content and the complexity of design.


Once the client approves the concept, promotion strategy and project plan (all provided by Larixoft), the website implementation starts.


A strong team of dedicated designers, developers, strategists and marketers work iteratively, using agile methodologies. We keep in touch with customers during the whole work process. Client can observe the evolution of the project step by step and only pays for the work done. By delivering value in small increments, agile approaches help to avoid unexpected results and minimize budget risks.


web business analysis Business Analysis
web design tools, web designing Design
Seo, content writing Content & SEO
coding, programming Coding
quality assurance, software testing QA/QC
website launch, project release Launch
digital marketing strategy Digital Marketing
tech support Support


customer care and technical support


We always insure an individual approach to each client, consider each case as unique and develop websites focusing on the problem solutions. In some cases, our clients are too busy to overview the whole process. Therefore, we discuss all general points, choose a package of services and communicate only when a certain piece of work is done or approval is needed.

cross device testing, website testing


We test your website in all major web browsers, desktops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and even TVs, ensuring t hat your site is ready for visitors from around the world.

website audit


If you already have a website but with very low conversion rate, we start our collaboration with audit and consulting. Our team provides SEO audit, UI / UX audit, CRO audits and various consultancy services. You will determine what your real online market opportunity is and how you can improve site visitor lead / sales conversions. We only use strategies that work.

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You can learn more about benefits of working with Larixoft by checking out the Why Us section to or just

contact us.

Staying in touch with customers

True Agile: you always know what’s Done, what’s In progress and what is still Undone

Agile methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban, make it very easy and effortless to participate in the planning process, perform daily results monitoring and weekly revisions.

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If you are not familiar with Scrum or Kanban, it takes only 15 minutes per day to check:

  • Which components/features team currently works on
  • What has been already completed
  • What has been planned for today
  • Which tasks are still in the TO-DO list (Backlog)
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