IT Consulting

Information technology consulting focuses on best practice guidelines for the organizational use of information technology (IT) in achieving one’s business objectives.

In the beginning of our cooperation, our clients often want to find out what changes are necessary to improve their website sales. This is where SEO, CRO and UX audits come in.

During the audit, we develop a change implementation plan taking your website to a completely new level. The changes may imply a change in topical reorganization, structure, content, technical features, and refer to recommendations for promotion. Improvements of the key website elements will surely bring the increase of the customers and your direct revenue.

web consulting and web audit

We can help you with updating your current website or build a completely new one from scratch with further Internet promotion.

If you have your own team of web designers, developers, QA/QC specialists, content specialists and marketers - we’ll provide a detailed website upgrade plan and you’ll be ready to go.

If you are not sure whether website audit is what you need or just need a piece of advice, we’ve got an excellent offer for you. We provide free consultation for first time customers, so feel free to contact us to get the answers.

Most Popular Questions

How to make visitors stay and act on my website? How to increase conversion?

That's a great question! Once you've got enough visitors on the website, it's high time to think about User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization. We offer extended UX and CRO audits which purpose is to track down usability issues and any "bottlenecks" soliciting users to leave your website.

I have a bunch of particular questions and need to get answers ASAP. Can you help me?

Sure. Please use our Contact Form to get in touch with our consulting team.

Low sales.There are many visitors but they are not buying (not contacting you, not leaving the contact information) ?

There are several most probable reasons of this: your product / service offers are badly presented, UI/UX problems, website visitors do not belong to the desired target audience and many others. We'll analyze all inappropriate points and find out the solutions - make your offers more attractive to visitors, use call to action techniques, make a user friendly design or anything else necessary for your particular case.

I want to launch new product or service online, but don't know where to start.

We can help you build and implement a brand / marketing strategy, develop website from scratch and provide necessary post launch support. Contact us to get started.

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